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Beginning in late 2017, students at Butler University started competing in a variety of esports under the university name. Since then, the group has established more formalized governing structures and competes regularly in seven different titles. The program competes in various intercollegiate leagues as well as the BIG EAST Conference. The teams provide meaningful outlets for a diverse group of students, resources for faculty, educational opportunities, and community outreach.

The Holistic Model (3 Pillars)

Competition: We recruit worldwide to compete for our teams in the top collegiate leagues in North America. We compete in the BIG EAST for both League of Legends and Rocket League. We also support our student club teams with access to the arena as well as various other expenses. Our teams redefine what it means to be an elite gamer by instilling the values of appreciation for diversity, wellness and academic success.

Curriculum: Butler is at the forefront of gamified education. We connect students to companies and jobs in the games and esports industries. We host networking nights, career discussions, and place students in internship and industry jobs. We continue to explore new partnerships to help social gamers, esports competitors, and related talent translate their unique skill sets to future careers.

Community: Butler is home to some of the most engaging gaming clubs in the nation and has a very strong local esports community. Butler supports casual and competitive play, and connects people who love to play games. The Butler Esports and Gaming Center (EGC) is a new home for gamers and allows people to play their favorite games in a safe, inclusive and social space.